Imagine a scenario where we let you know, that your email marketing can play an imperative part in your off-site SEO optimization. Yes, you heard it right, your emails can enhance your chances of gaining the crown position on Google page one. Email marketing is commonly utilized for engagement, however, in the event that you utilize it all the more innovatively for SEO purposes, you can get more out of your marketing than you can envision. It's hard to believe, but it's true, the ROI for capital invested in your email marketing would be justified regardless of each penny of your time and resources.

To get both engagement and visibility, here are five ways to make your email marketing SEO friendly:

Make Newsletters Go Public: Can any anyone explain why newsletter content is just restricted to your email inbox. For what reason not let them let them have a look on your blog page, turn the content into a blog and make it go live. If you do not have enough content on your newsletter to transform it into a blog, add two or three them to make it into one blog. All you need to focus on is composing an SEO friendly content for your email. Along these lines, your content would reach a large audience of people.

Canonicalization: Once your newsletters are archived, ensure you include canonical tags. Embed it into the HTML coding of your newsletter archive page. Many times, Google crawlers get the wrong URL because of the similarity in content. Canonicalization makes it easy for web crawlers to get the correct URL by managing duplicate content. What that implies is that canonical enable you to reveal to Google which version of the URL needs to appear in the search results.

Take Customer Reviews: Ever observed those survey emails, requesting your feedback. You probably would not have understood that those questionnaires are being utilized to enhance one's local search rankings. Numerous businesses are more dependent on how they rank locally than how they rank overall. Using email as a component of your customer review strategy can make your business rank higher. At the point when customers provide a review, they may write in a similar language that they compose in for searching your business.

Inbound Links: Inbound links are one of the foremost factors in choosing the vitality of your SEO. You must be smart with these connections while you ensure that every one of them is directed to your website. The more inbound connections you have the higher is your Domain Authority. It is a tool designed by Moz, which rates your website from 1-100, the nearer you are to a century, the better is your SEO position. So when they compose a blog, they refer to your research paper along these lines providing a link to your webpage.

More Text, Less Images: Returning to your archived newsletter, make sure to utilize a greater amount of content than pictures. It goes against the mainstream belief that email newsletter should be less on the content side and more focused on the picture for instant user attention. This principle is great when your newsletter is restricted to your inbox, but once they are in public domain, they should be majority text-based, loaded with rich keywords.


Infusing an SEO strategy with your email marketing won't just enable you to build your engagement rates but, will give you the attention you deserve. However, like all good things, you require a bit of patience and a lot of proficiency. Make it a habit of writing an email content which is SEO friendly, it does not make a difference in the event that it is open or in your inbox. At last, it will enable you to reinforce your email marketing and your SEO strategy and that is taking out two targets with one shot.