Are you running a business of email marketing and want to prevent your emails from spam traps, spam trigger words, and anti-spam laws. Delivery of your emails in spam folder can be due to many reasons like your email list health, your authentication status, how you are offering value to your recipients with the email content, and your alertness in checking your email metrics.

Spam traps are the first line of defense of the ISP. Spam traps include a certain type of email addresses that are specifically designed to identify and track a spammer. If your email address matches the one similar to spammer list, the ISP recognize it as a spammer and block your domains and further deliverables. If once your email gets trapped in spam folder then it takes years to restore your reputation in email marketing.

If you are promoting your business and using email marketing for it then it is essential to craft an email in a way that prevents it from the spam folder or from being marked as spam by the subscribers. Transferring of an email from an honest email marketer to the spam folder negatively impacts the sender reputation.

Here are some of the tips that can help you from navigating around spam traps and filters and securely transferring of your useful emails to the desired inbox.

Prevent Your Mail From Spamming

More attention to technologies: The technologies have reached great heights and has introduced the tool for generating automated emails. This prevents the sender from sending individual emails manually. These triggered emails updates a customer about the price or availability of product, upcoming subscriptions and much more. But sending these triggered emails involves certain technical issues. It is important to consider those issues to increase and enhance your email deliverability.

Consider the sender's details: Sending an email from the email address containing your own name is a more preferable choice. This is because it helps the recipient in recognizing you and increase the chance of opening your send email. Also, the Email Service Provider has the spam filters that gather other relevant information of the sender like IP address. Changing the IP address frequently will blacklist your email address and mark it as spam.

Choose Reliable ESP: Choosing the reliable Email Service Provider and sending the relevant content that has high scores on their IP addresses gain more trust among the subscribers thus maintains your brand image.

Check your email before sending: It is good to check your email before sending them to the subscribers. There are many available tools that help you in testing the quality of your email. Such tools help in testing spamminess and help you in improving your deliverability.

Avoid buying an email list: Purchasing an email list violates the terms and conditions of ISP. It is good to avoid renting, purchasing and co-registering an email from a third party. It is always best to build your email list to benefit your email programs. Doing so offers the most effective and fastest way to grow your own list.

Remove hard bounces from the email list: Bounce rate is one of the most important ways to track or determining the sender's reputation. Sending too many emails to an inactive address will target your email address as a spam trap hit and will damage your reputation. It is therefore good to pay attention towards the notification of the bounce ISP and deleting the problematic email from the list.

Respect the unsubscribers: Sending regular emails even to the one who unsubscribe your emails might mark your email as spam that impacts your brand image and reputation.

Stay away from spam trigger words: Avoid using words like free, best price, cash, no obligations. All these words are blacklisted and might associate your mail as spam mail.

Concluding lines

Since there is an implementation of brutal laws of ISPs, ESPs, and anti-spam laws regarding emails it is very difficult and challenging to prevent your email from spam folders. By following the above guidelines you can increase the chance of building better credibility, and enhancing your reputation as a sender. Also, following all rules and regulations will help you in protecting your IP address and domain from getting blacklisted.

Choose the best and reliable email marketing tool that help in enhancing your brand image and in enhancing your email marketing business.