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How Can You Prevent Your Mail From Spam Filters?

Are you running a business of email marketing and want to prevent your emails from spam traps, spam trigger words, and anti-spam laws. Delivery of your emails in spam folder can be due to many reasons like your email list health, your authentication status, how you are offering value to your recipients with the email content, and your alertness in checking your email metrics. Spam traps are the first line of defense of the ISP. Spam traps include a certain type of email addresses that are specifically designed to identify and t...

Reasons Why Your Emails go to Spam Box

With the evolution of technology updates, marketing automation is rapidly gaining power and many companies are now implementing email campaigns in order to obtain better results. However, as the spammers are also increasing alongside with this rapid evolution. As per the recent reports prepared by Statista, by the end of 2018, spam messages accounted for 53.5 percent of e-mail traffic worldwide. In the second quarter of 2018, C...

Emailing made secure with SSL techniques!

With time, technology revolutionized worldwide, so did the email services. Sending an email now is just a one-click task. Earlier it was a complex and a time-consuming task which required both, sender and receiver to stay online at the mail delivery time. But now things have changed. Many platforms have come up which assure you the best email services enframed with the latest techniques and strategies. So we get endless options in the market to choose the best service for our emails.