It is quite hesitant to resend the email that once was ignored or not even opened by the recipient. Most of the time even the question strikes in mind that is it worth to send the email again? It is quite confusing to know the accurate result for performing such actions. It is therefore essential to consider the things that to do or not to do while resending the emails.

Resending an email increases the chance of gaining attention and the chance to notify about your message to the target recipient. If you are about to resend the emails then stay connected to learn the steps of sending an email.

Why resend email?

Most of the time it happens that you spend good hours to make an email campaign to target your potential audience, but your hard work in vain as most of the recipients don't even bother to open the mail they received. But losing hope at the first step will not help in growing your business. There is no harm in putting efforts and resending the emails again. Although not 100% yes it does offer fruitful benefits to many businesses involved in email marketing.

Resending an emails gives you the chance to engage the contacts, to test new ways to send emails, to choose the best version and much more.

Steps to follow for resending emails

  1. Create a new campaign based on the audience: This option creates a copy of your campaign that you can send to the list of the recipient to whom you want to target. This reduces your work in preparing an effective email again. Also, you can send a campaign immediately or schedule it to send whenever you want. Till then you can save the list on the campaign summary page.
  2. Send the email to new contacts: The option is used to send your campaign to the recipients who are enlisted in your subscription list after sending the initial campaign. But if your original email list is segmented or used an "or" statement then it is good to create a new campaign list for the campaign. You can also change the campaign name and subject line and can send an email immediately.
  3. Send the emails to the previous audience who didn't open the last email: This option will help you send the email campaign to the audience who didn't open or read the mail last time. On choosing the option of sending an email campaign to a new audience or to the new contact will redirects to the page 'Reuse an existing campaign page'. The page provides you the option to change the campaign name and subject line.


Resending an email offer better chance to open rate and probability of more clicks hence more conversion. Resending an email with the benefits like the free content download for being a regular customer, product suggestion under great discount list and a note of appreciation. Customers do remember the brand who sent such emails and build long term relation and value their efforts.