Artificial intelligence gained the spotlight in a very short span of time and became one of the major topics of discussion recently. So does the email marketing came along. Apart from thermostats, smart cars, smart homes, and smart locks, AI has spread its reach beyond the email marketing sector. It is no more a thing of the surprise that AI and machine learning have benefitted email marketing in several aspects. To have a broader look at the ways how AI affected the email marketing sector, we need to go through the following important topics:

Enhanced A/B testing

The traditional way of email marketers used A/B testing from a long period ago, so we can’t say that A/B testing is a new concept. AI entering into A/B testing allows carrying out the testing process in an advanced & totally new way. AI now offers new robust tests to carry out more advanced predictions and identifies those aspects which get ignored in the absence of AI. Hence, offering you the best performance with maximum accuracy.

Optimized send times

Send time just can’t be skipped when heading towards a good email marketing platform. Say, a person staying in the U.S. receives an email in the mid-night, it won't be of a much significance and might get ignored. AI takes an intelligent step forward to address the time-zone related issues by analyzing the time during which the receiver is available to take emails on the basis of their past behavior. Further optimizing the send time according to that recipient.

Advanced personalization

AI cleverly analyses the user’s earlier browsing strategy, history, and other events and gets a clear view of that particular user. Further, depending on this analysis, AI arranges the real-time recommendations for the users. Same goes for the image personalization.

Smart subject lines

Its been a dilemma until now that which subject lines or content will offer us best outputs. But several platforms introduced to allow AI examine which content best suits the needs and offers desired outputs. Thereby, AI analyzed subject lines came out to be 100% efficient as compared to the manually prepared subject lines. All thanks to the machine learning technology.

Added creativity

The minesweeper interactive email, one of the recent attention gaining topic is a clear evidence that how AI can bring up more creative designs and attributes for better outputs. There are many such other creative functions which AI can offer you for more productivity and efficiency.

Further coming to task handling, regardless of the creativity, AI will overrule the data-heavy R&D tasks in an efficient and accurate manner for an exponential growth.

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