Despite the stiff competition in all other traditional marketing platforms, e-mail marketing still remains as one of the most preferred marketing tools. This is because of the endless benefits that it offers to customers worldwide. One of the top reasons why industry influencers are making a rapid switch to e-mail marketing is that the customers receive the actual content in their inbox while ignoring the useless e-mails.

Role of AI into E-mail Marketing

In this ever-evolving tech world, your e-mail subscribers pay more attention to the tailor-made content rather than the usual boring e-mails. And as the customer demands are increasing day by day, the personalization in e-mail marketing has also increased. Introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing has made e-mail marketing industry smarter.

Artificial intelligence will help you to understand your customer's psychology in a better way that will enhance their experience to produce better outputs. Want to know the significant role of AI into e-mail marketing sector? Here are a few advantages of AI into e-mail marketing sector.

  1. More personalization: Majority of people prefer e-mails which are more human and look less machine-generated. Introduction of artificial intelligence will help you study and analyze your customer's behavior and interest areas quickly. This lets you offer them results and send an e-mail which relates to their interest areas. This can be done by asking your subscribers to set preferences while they sign up with you. 
  2. Smart segmentation: Once you personalize your e-mails, you will get a clear idea about your customer's interest areas. And gradually, you'll realize some consistent trends based on customers geographical areas, demographics, or purchase behaviors. Artificial intelligence helps you speed up this process by identifying the subscriber's behavior and their purchase patterns. 
  3. Send time optimization: Sending e-mails to your subscribers is only beneficial if you are sending the e-mail at the right time. This means you need to know the time when the customer is more likely to open his/her inbox, this will be a tiresome task for you and sending mail at wrong hours of the day may also lead to failure of your efforts of approaching and targetting your potential customers. AI and predictive analysis help you automate the process by identifying the right timings based on the customer's past interactions and behaviors.
  4. E-mail automation workflow: Artificial intelligence will allow you to set up automated e-mail campaigns to save time & efforts, and even enhance the customer's experience. Moreover, it helps you to analyze which all images will be more convincing for welcome e-mails, retention e-mails, and other recovery e-mails.
  5. Easy promotions: Giving your subscribers the wrong promotions and offers might lead to the loss of faith on the customer's end. Moreover, wrong promotions can even lead to a loss of revenue for your organization. AI will help you in getting a clearer view of the subscriber's interest areas and plan promotions and offers accordingly for better outputs.

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