Are you still struggling with the traditional marketing methods or have you upgraded your marketing platform? We often hear people saying that email marketing platforms have overpowered the marketing industry and it helps in more customer engagement. Is it true or it's just a myth? Industry makers even claim that adopting email marketing platform lets them drive a better ROI as compared to other marketing platforms. Will investing in an email marketing platform be a worthy investment or totally a wastage of capital? We have an answer to all your queries!

Introducing email marketing platform

If you are wondering that should you invest in email marketing platform or not, then the answer is YES. Simply because a wide number of businesses, including startups and larger enterprises are already benefitting from this platform and have experienced more customer engagement and higher ROI. So, it's time that you get to know about the major advantages offered by email marketing for your business.  

Top benefits of email marketing

  1. Reduced time & efforts: A huge time and efforts are required if we talk about structuring an email campaign using any of the traditional methods. But making a switch to the email marketing platform lets you carry out communication in less time and with almost no efforts or human engagement. 
  2. Personalized messages: Going for a traditional marketing method means 'one-size fits all' format, which is just not sufficient for attracting a wider audience. Choosing an email marketing platform lets you personalize your messages, like sending an email with user's name, etc and attracting more audience than earlier.
  3. Frequent & enhanced communications: Choosing an appropriate email marketing platform lets you carry out emailing campaign in less time, this helps you to communicate with your customers more frequently. So, instead of sending emails to your users monthly, you can send them every week and gain more attention.
  4. Reaching a global audience: Sending personalized emails to thousands of users in just a single click! Which other marketing platform lets you do that in one tap? Email marketing platform lets you send emails to a huge audience quickly and attain their attention.
  5. Drive revenue: If we talk about other marketing channels, there is no such platform which allows the users to witness an offer and simply purchase it in the very next click. So, this platform helps in driving revenue, unlike the other ordinary marketing methods.
  6. Instant Impact: As the emails are personalized and are sent frequently to the customers, they gain more attention and are more likely to show positive results within minutes of sending the email.
  7. Real-time marketing: As you get to know about your customer's interest areas through his recent purchases, or website history, you can simply hit him up with the suitable offer at the right time and fetch the best benefit out of it.

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Finding an email marketing platform might not seem difficult as there are many vendors available out there. But some exceptional platforms including jiMailer helps you create outstanding email campaigns, get the best email template editor, and a lot more to excite your customers. Want to know more about us? Get in touch with our experts and clear your queries at any time!