A great deal can occur in a few seconds, and if you think carefully, a few moments do not sound like enough time to complete anything substantial. You may be shocked to learn that dozen prospective customers have either gone gaga for your brand or lost interest altogether in that time. According to a study, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. That is how long you have to get your brand into your customer's heads.

Getting More Subscribers to Your Emails

Keeping a person's attention is not simple except if you comprehend what you are doing. In the event that you are an email marketer, your job is even tougher. Your email needs to compete with hundreds of emails a person receives every day. Getting your subscribers to open your email, read your content, and feel compelled to take action is no small feat. To accomplish this and make your campaign a success, your emails must past through these four gates:

  1. Attention

  2. Interest

  3. Desire

  4. Action

Attention: Attract the reader with a catchy title and sender address. A decent subject line will entice subscribers to open your email, while a familiar sender's name will make you look more genuine. If you avoid these elements, your subscribers are probably going to junk your email.

Interest: Hold their interest with captivating content. Since you have your subscribers' attention now, the next step is to get them to read your email. Tell them a story. It could be about how you helped a customer solve their problem, or possibly how one of the features of your product works people always find stories engaging.

Desire: Strike a chord by offering a customized experience. Purchasing decisions are emphatically tied to emotions. Create a personal connection with your subscribers, support their desire by adding factual data to your emails, and trigger a feeling of urgency in them with more reasons to purchase your item.

Action: Induce them to make the following move utilizing a clear call-to-action. Now you are almost ready to cheer as your subscribers are in the last phases of the purchase cycle. Yet, in the event that you do not manage them to take further steps, you may even lose them. You have brought to them this far, simply add a call-to-action and tell them what to do next.

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