Marketing automation is an incredible method to take a few tasks off your plate while keeping your customers engaged. However, how would you make automated messages feel unique and relevant? jiMailer empowers you to create targetted emails that send when triggered by a specific date, event, or activity. By settling on intentional design decisions and crafting your messages with care, you can use automation to build your brand and establish credibility with your audience.

Here is some advice to enable you to begin.

Creating Automated Email Designs

1. Customize the Layout and Design:

jiMailer makes it simple to customize layout and design, so your audience will know the email is originating from you. Include your logo, name, or other familiar imagery in the header of your email to foster brand recognition. Select a color palette and font similar to the ones used on your website. Add relevant images to feature new store arrivals or give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

Also, if you have connected your store, you can even include customized product proposals to recommend items your customers will love.

2. Campaigns Accessible for Everyone:

As indicated by the World Health Organization, about 15% of the total world’s population lives with some type of disability, and that number is growing. It is important to settle on design decisions that enable individuals with disabilities to access, perceive, and interact with all your content. A delightful email that is not available can adversely affect your business and conceivably distance a portion of your audience. You can also use tools and resources, like WebAIM, that shows how your email will be received by people with different disabilities.

3. Humanize Your Messaging:

Thinking about your image as a person can enable you to create content that feels natural. After all, no one needs to read an email that is automated and seems like it has been composed by a robot. Including personalization is a nice way to shake off some of that automated feel, however, make sure that you have a different state set up for subscribers who have not given you their personal information.

Specifically beginning with the first name is definitely not a great way to start a relationship.

4. Proper Structure of Email:

The manner in which words are sorted out on a page is just as important as the words themselves. Does the format you are using bode well for the kind of data you are presenting? How will things look on a phone? Is the email scannable? These are all critical components to think about when constructing your email. One-column layouts typically work best for short, simple messages, while multi-column designs are useful for heavier content and image content.

5. Including Visual Elements:

When you have ensured your email's design is on-brand and functional, you may choose to add some more visual components to liven up your content. jiMailer incorporates various web fonts that can positively affect your design. If you would like to include high-quality images to your emails, however, do not have the resources, consider stock photos. There are a few websites, that have free resources which you can modify and use in your email. 

Design and content are huge parts of your automation strategy, however, it is also vital to focus on how individuals are interacting with your emails. If you are seeing a drop in engagement between emails in a series, you may need to reconsider your emails and enhance your send triggers. The tips above are only that, at the day's end, you will be best if they develop and change with your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment!