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Awesome modules in jiMailer

  • Send bulk email text and HTML
  • Secure SSL/TLS SMTP transfer
  • Manage EMail Groups
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe mailing lists
  • Import bulk contact at a time with csv / excel format
  • Export contact to CSV format
  • Allows Rich Template editor, builtin HTML Editor also allow uploading
  • Advance email queue to manage retry reminder reports
  • Advance send and read reports and analytics
  • Auto responder and read emails

All The Features That Work For You

Our platform combines a robust suit of email services within a single, user-friendly solution. Happy Sending! .

Mass Mailer

jiMailer allows you to send all kind of messages : from simple email newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

Email Template Editor

jiMailer allows you to create email templates via Editor and you can also add your HTML code to create templates.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe mailing lists

jiMailer provides you a list of unsubscribed user.

Advance email queue

jiMailer provides you an advance email Queue, from where you can track send email .

Secure SSL/TLS SMTP transfer

jiMailer allows you to send all kind of messages using Relay.

Import/Export bulk Contacts

jiMailer allows you to import bulk contact at a time with CSV/excel format and export contact to CSV format

Auto responder and read emails

jiMailer allows you to respond to email and read incoming mails automatically via timer.

Graphical representaion of statistics

jiMailer allows you to view graphical representaion of statistics i.e. graphs, pie charts etc